Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Right from the heart of this naïve,

For a girl so soft, yet so brave,

Comes out a brook, of hearty well wishes,

For she’s the birthday girl, a princess of princesses.


Like fragrances from the gardens of cherry,

Her smile can make everyone merry,

A butterfly, spreading positivity around,

She’s god’s own descendent, on this mortal ground.

Bold outside, yet an infant at heart,

An innocent soul, a paragon of god’s art,

Cares for everyone, so selfless she is,

Talking with her, seeing her laugh, is always bliss.

I wish, in life, you’ll reach the peaks,

And that kiddish smile, will never go off your cheeks,

Just work hard my sis, and see where you’ll go,

You can do wonders, your mettle I know.

I wish you all roses, on your way,

Like a star so high, you’ll shine and sway,

A sweet little bird, with charm and grace,

In an air of freedom, will grow to be an ace...

                                                 -  Kshitiz Upadhyay

Friday, 4 November 2011


Her Eyes, A majestic artwork of Picasso

So deep, like a bottomless sea,

O' I've fallen and couldn't swim,

drowning...A hallowed shrine for me...

Her Smile, A divine illusion,

Can turn the dead, pink again

O' I am spellbound, my world is changed,

She giggles a bit, and I go insane...

Her Body, An angelic figure

Indeed, a paragon of flawlessness,

I can bet her beauty, beyond all praise

An inception, inducing madness...

Her Soul, An innocent lamb,

So pure, purer than the purest pedigree

Decency and grace, beyond limits,

these simple virtues, mesmerise me...

Just sqeeze my heart, get a shoreless sea

Of love, for the Godess of Serenity

I wish, she'll be mine forever,

A Vital effigy of Sanctity...

                                          -  Kshitiz Upadhyay