Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Right from the heart of this naïve,

For a girl so soft, yet so brave,

Comes out a brook, of hearty well wishes,

For she’s the birthday girl, a princess of princesses.


Like fragrances from the gardens of cherry,

Her smile can make everyone merry,

A butterfly, spreading positivity around,

She’s god’s own descendent, on this mortal ground.

Bold outside, yet an infant at heart,

An innocent soul, a paragon of god’s art,

Cares for everyone, so selfless she is,

Talking with her, seeing her laugh, is always bliss.

I wish, in life, you’ll reach the peaks,

And that kiddish smile, will never go off your cheeks,

Just work hard my sis, and see where you’ll go,

You can do wonders, your mettle I know.

I wish you all roses, on your way,

Like a star so high, you’ll shine and sway,

A sweet little bird, with charm and grace,

In an air of freedom, will grow to be an ace...

                                                 -  Kshitiz Upadhyay

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