Monday, 12 December 2011


Far, Far from those accustomed streets,

Life, has led me,

To this alien land,Away, from my blood,
Away, from my heart, my love,
For it is just the name,
Which roams here, in Banaras,
The soul sits silently,
Smiling at its fate,
With a girl, in that same familiar terrain,
Whom it loves the most,
For whom, its pigmy heart beats…

But it is the duty,
The hordes of responsibilities I bear,
And the desire, the deep passion,
To win this world,
Which holds me here,
Brims me with strength,
And makes me live, and go on and on…

It’s so wonderful here,
So different from the usual life,
We live in a small cage,
Our home, for a month,
Yes, it is a sweet home,
With a black and white TV,
A faint light, Two cots,
And millions of buzzing mosquitoes,
Yes, it’s an interesting job,
To share my room with them at noon,
And shoo them away,

With poison fumes, at night…

Heading towards our workplace,
We move among pigs, streets dogs,
Stray cats, goats, it’s like,
A small village,
Far from today’s limelight,
With some typical villagers in it,
Followed by a Jetrofa forest,
And the dirtiest marsh,
Yes, we cross a rough terrain,
But still it’s bliss,
Seeing people laugh,
Children running naked, playing together,
Ladies gossiping, and men smoking cigar,
O’ I love them all…

My workplace, a machine jungle,
With ear bursting noises all around,
Is heaven, for us,
For it’s a magic box,
Every day, we explore new machines,
New methods, new principles,
It’s like a dream come true,
Living with these mega structures,
So delicately made,
So skilfully crafted,
Beautiful…more than even heaven’s angels…

O’ It’s a marvellous experience,
We live, we learn,
We laugh all day,
Talk about everything,
From studies, to more gossips,
We room across the streets,
Without worrying where to go,
We stare at chicks,
We play with street kids,
We sit in stalls,
With a cup of tea,
With a puff of smoke,
Yes, we’re free, and enjoying from heart,
The true gold flakes of our lives…

                                                  -  Kshitiz Upadhyay

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