Tuesday, 17 January 2012


            The story begins from the hostel room where I used to study during my final exams. I cant call it my room, as I didn't get one. Only the finest brains, with brilliant marks, or the lucky ones with the reservation crutch, can get a space in the hostel. Of course I was not either, but still being a technical student with a so called "jugaadu" brain, I managed to live in the hostel most of the times, and even fed my hungry stomach here. Hahaha...this is for the college authority who didn't allow an 8.07 pointer guy to enter the hostel "legally".

            So like every day during exams, we were mugging up the equations, the formulas, the theory part and what not, of every damn chapter of our huge books. Suddenly Ankur, my partner during studies, told me about an idea. An idea, which seemed damn interesting, about the wind energy technology. The idea grabbed my attention in a jiffy. I came to know that the idea was originally struck in Anant's mind, another pal of mine, but was thrown away in the ruins as nobody was interested to work with him on that stuff. But that idea for me, was a masterpiece, and I kept thinking that how can such a basic thought, didn't come on anybody's mind before.

           The idea was like this...

 "Railway trains run with a high speed, about 60 km/hr average speed over it's entire journey. What if a series of wind turbines were installed over the roof top of every coach, and run the wind turbines, by the relative wind, and then produce electricity which could be used to run the electric components in the train, or could be used the other way by charging batteries, which could be used later on..."

          Sounds interesting!...This would be the immediate response of most of the people, I can bet. But this was not all, there was a long way to go, an ample of problems to face, many days and nights to think...and most important of all, much more to learn...


  1. Great thing that you have started writing your experiences too..
    All your real life experiences will sum up to make a bestselling novel. :)

  2. I don't know about selling or not...all that means for me is, that i find pleasure in writing this important phase of my life...thank you for your comment...:)

  3. Hey!! there.

    loved reading your post.This reminded me "joy Lobo" of "Three Idiots". Recently red an article on how Japanese invented a carpet who generates electricity by people walking over it. And is being used in railway platforms and airports etc.

    Good that you guys also think 'out of the box' and just not mug up to be an engineer on papers like many others.

    Cheers to the minds behind.

    1. Thanks for your comment!. It's always a pleasure to have such nice readers like you. Yeah we people always try to think different, and that is what a true techie always tries to do. Thanks for the worthy suggestion about that idea of the japanese. Keep reading and commenting, your reviews are really worth reading.