Sunday, 9 October 2011


Mother, the most selfless creature of this universe, wants nothing but the wellbeing of her kids.
 Her kids are her  world...her life...a ray of hope...and a reason to live in this world.
Crimson apricot sunrise,
A perky orange, emerging from the ocean,
Spikes of the palm tree,
And that breathtaking panorama,
Two mighty lovers dating,
Sand and the Sea,
O’ I’ve flown through the captivating beach beauty…

Chill, in the wind, and
Thrill, in the flight,
Snow, all around, and
Mountains, The god itself,
Standing erect and rigid,
Everything…everything seems dead.
O’ I’ve flown through the shrieking silence of the mountains…

Deafening noises from all sides,
Concrete edifices, touching heavens,
Clouds of smoke,
Wreathing this no-tree civilization,
Nuts, in bits, and
Sap, in drops,
O’ I’ve flown through the fake, All-butcher valley…

Coming back to my nest,
My two beautiful eggs,
My parts, I’ve been protecting,
From the day they came,
Into my world,
And soon,
Will become my world…

I’ve seen them in my dreams,
Tiny cotton puffs, chirping in innocence,
Opening their tiny beaks,
For food,
For mother’s love, for faith, for trust,
I’ll teach them,
With love,
With my utter motherly affection,
The skills of flying,
The lessons, of love,
 Of faith,
Of the truths of this cruel world,
They’ll live in,
All alone, after my demise…

I’ve been to many places,
Yes…I’ve seen this world,
The world, not so mine,
The world, of those butchers,
Down there on the earth,
And their power,
Not a bit natural,
But with all sooty flumes and foul odors,
They’ve triumphed the world,
My world…our world,
So, the world,
Is not mine,
But I am happy,
So merry today, on cloud nine,
Yes…I am expecting two innocent chirpings soon,
I am blessed,
Getting two new worlds,
For the one, snatched long back...

                                                        - Kshitiz Upadhyay


  1. wish you all the success in world of blogging.
    may this voyage take you to greater heights.
    and world acknowledge your talent and wonderful works.