Saturday, 8 October 2011


 Love is so strange. Sometimes we feel the beauty, and sometimes, the pain. But still, we have no control over this feeling. Its a ray of hope sometimes, and a fatal killer sometimes...

Was descending from the escalator,

First floor, The Grand S Mall,

Saw her, that soul,

Waiting for her part,

So keen to meet,

Stood right below the stairs,

Sea green kurta, white leggings,

Simple cream colored sandles,

Faded bangles,

So simple, no one,

No one would have seen such beauty,

Purely natural,

Right from the lap of the goddess of beauty,

Gazed her from the start,

Gazed, gazed…and gazed,

And I drank it all,

Captured that moment,

In the golden pages of my grey cells…

Reached the ground,

And she looked at me,

For the first time,

In a month,

And the souls met,

The souls,

Made for each other,

By the god himself,

In the ecstasies of the heavens.

The souls,

No one can ever split apart,

No matter distance,

No matter situations,

No matter the cruel society.

The souls,

Coalesced into one,

For the time beyond doomsday…

We talked endlessly,

For each moment,

Seemed to shout in joy,

That I am in love,

And I love this rain of love,

The rain of this utter joy,

The rain of this sheer bliss,

I am drenched in,

From core, to the crest…

Sitting side by side,

Our knees touched,

O’ I’ll remember that touch,

For the time beyond forever,

So warm her body was!

Neither me, nor she,

Moved the knee back,

Perhaps, both were in a different world,

A world of love,

Of the most colorful flowers,

Of the sweetest fruits,

Of the most breathtaking landscapes,

Of the most romantic weather.

Both loved the first touch…

Walking downstairs together,

I held her hand,

And she clinched it tighter,

Perhaps, out of shyness,

Or fright.

Sometimes, its tuff,

To understand a girl’s beautiful world and her dreams…

We walked, holding hands,

And everything else disappeared,

The crowd around,

The ground beneath,

The sky above,

Everything…everything vanished,

Just me and she,

All alone, together,

Holding hands,

Drowning into each other’s eyes,

Two souls coalescing,

Getting one, the union of love,

In that callous crowd,

Which we were not able to see,

Feel…or even sense a bit…

And then, we were awaken from that dream,

Pulled out, taken aback,

From that blissful wonderland,

For time, the merciless beast,

Couldn’t see us together,

But I laugh at it,

O’ Time, you are not aware,

Our love,

Is beyond time…beyond you,

But now, we had to go,

Sprinkle apart again,

Into our worlds…

We had talked for hours,

Had seen each other,

A plenty of times,

But this time,

She took it all…

I feel so choking in heart,

She took my heart away that day,

I feel so hollow,

So full of her,

She stole my soul that day,

I feel so suffocated,

She took my breath away that day,

Yes…I’ve lost it all,

I’ve lost the mine in me,

For something was different,

In that meeting, our date,

In that time,

In that place, the air it had, and

In the feel of that heavenly touch,

Drowned, in the ocean of love,

Extinct, in her world, our world,

Yes…I’ve lost it all…

                                - Kshitiz Upadhyay

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