Saturday, 8 October 2011

THE LAST KISS a heart breaking moment for any two souls,
loving each other...made for each other. But for a Knight,
his kingdom is always above all...his family...his love. It is his
duty, which comes first. His lady, on the other hand,
understands his man's heart, and despite of all pain, she bids
 a warm farewell to her man, her everything...which makes her
love...her devotion, even more divine, and pure. Love is eternal...

It's another bright dawn of the mid-summer,

lit, by countless scintillas from the day-star,

And I, before the very first glint of the sunlight,

woke up, for the defence of the realm,

by the royal decree.

The battle has begun,

inducing zeal, in our hearts,

and thirst, in our holy swords.

Thirst, quenched by the enemy's blood,

when our swords, fall over the foe's armour so hard,

that even the soul splits apart.

Thirst, quenched by the enemy's shriek,

So deafening,

that even the butcher's heart shrills to nothingness.

Thirst, quenched by the enemy's fear,

of the upcoming death,

horrifying every fragment, from core, to the crest.

While extinct in the notions of war and blood,

A divine face came, before my eyes,

to bid a farewell, to this Knight,

to say a goodbye, to her man, her love, her everything...

Unlike the vivacious bella, I used to meet daily,

Before me, was a Knight's wife,

I had never greeted before.

Her face, without even a trace of emotions,

and lips, pale and dry,

without uttering a single word,

said everything, whatever her heart longed to say,

for she spoke from her eyes,

and I listened from my heart...

Her eyes, brimming with fear,

for she knew,

I may never come back again.

Her eyes, brimming with love,

for she wanted to shower as much love, as she could.

Her world was going away that day.

Her eyes, brimming with pain,

It was a soul,

being separated from the body.

Her eyes, brimming with helplessness,

for she couldn't do anything to stop me,

neither could I.

Proud, were those eyes,

of the grandeur of the nation,

and the valiance of her man.

I had never seen such eyes before,

little wet, but carrying,

such an immense ocean of emotions...

That sanctified moment, filled my heart,

with the strength of love,

and an unseen support, which will help me,

enduring tuffer times,

And with that final goodbye kiss,

I moved on for the battle....

                                            -  Kshitiz Upadhyay

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