Friday, 14 October 2011


The bond of love, between a brother and a sister, is probably one of the sweetest one in this world. They fight, they play with each other, they share moments of sweet kiddish quarrels, still are ready to do anything for each other...this is called true bro sis relation...and when one feels its importance...its becomes easy...and far more lovely...

The day you were born,
I got a beautiful gift from god,
A sweet and fragile fairy,
left on my mom's lap,
by the most beautiful angels of the heavens...

I have seen you from your birth,
Your laugh, your tantrums, your cries,
your giggles, your wishes,
your world, your love, your innocent talks...
O' I've seen'em all.

Going through all those memories,
My eyes fill with tears,
of love, of the deep affection,
I have, for you, my dear sister...

Your small world, A pigmy cube,
of the few people, whom you love, you care for.
For whom your honest heart beats...

Your dreams, some tiny brooks of love,
merging into the river,
of innocence...

I am with you,
in all your endeavors,
And I'll not let you fall,
in the toughest paths, in the darkest nights,
in the most stormy eves, in the hottest noons,
I'll be with you, I'll stay with you,
I love you my sis....

                                - Kshitiz Upadhyay

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