Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Man indeed, has learned to stay tensed...but by the power of positiveness in our hearts,
we can triumph all agonies...and this is freedom!...when miseries turn to melodies...

Miseries, Quite often discussed,
by the Homo sapiens population,
Everybody, Languished to anguish,
by their own inane, doom-laden anticipations...

Youngsters, at times, try to mask woeful,
Distressed, night and day, for their professional future,
Engaged ones, troubled by mates,
And singles, in an unending quest, for a suitable creature...

Men, burdened with hordes of responsibilities,
have forgotten to laugh, to smile,
Everybody is grieved, by their miseries,
Unending sobbings will soon create, another Nile...

Some agonies are gifted by god,
And many, weaved by man himself, in his mind,
Actually man has learned to stay tensed,
Greed for sympathy and mere gossips, has turned him blind...

For me, Miseries are my best teachers,
For they teach me,
Nothing is permanent but change,
And this washes away, every pain, every worry...

For me, Miseries are my best friends,
They keep, a flavour in my life, alive,
Make me adapt, changing situations,
Raises my hopes, to revive...

For me, Miseries are the true lovers,
Never leave me alone, in my glooms,
Greatest sacrifice till the dooms-day,
It dies, every time, to gift my smile, a boom...

                                                                         -  Kshitiz Upadhyay

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