Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Loneliness, a feeling of sheer pain...yet sometimes, a soothing relief...      

I was at a park,
So quite, no spark,
Dark was the heaven,
like a huge devilish raven...

Looked up high,
with a soothing sigh,
Saw many glowing things studded,
All, deserved to be headed...

But one, so big, so bright, so cute,
as itself, being the god's fruit,
So glittering and round,
held me spellbound...

So still, so innocent,
I bet I can fall in love, and wont repent,
I gazed at it, in fascination,
Was it reality, or just my imagination?

My joy, beyond any limit,
Poor Alexander won the world, but I had got it,
Though, was time to cheer,
I was happy, but in tears...

I jumped up high,
towards the sky,
to catch my love,
that bright, innocent dove...

I couldn't even touch,
But didn't worry much,
Without much care or cry,
was ready for another try...

Lungs exaggerated, air in a heap,
I took a high leap,
But still, was out of arms,
My face, began to loose charm...

Eyes now seemed to blur,
But was trying, over and over,
No matter fatigue, no matter pain,
was trying, again and again...

Hopes diminishing, lips dry,
Loosing heart, after each try,
I looked up with a frown,
The 'Mine' in me, was melting down...

Why does this heart gets wet,
for someone, it cant get,
What was my fault?...just love?
With that, 'Not so mine' bright, innocent dove...

Love is so rude, and god, so mean,
I love it truly, my heart is clean,
That dark night, with silence only,
was now stained, by this crying lonely...

                                                                - Kshitiz Upadhyay

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