Thursday, 13 October 2011


No matter how much innocent we pretend to matter how much decent we look...but deep inside from the core of our hearts...we all dream to live  a life like this...the ultimate dudes...

Woke up at eleven,
This place, my heaven,
No scolding, no advice,
Life, A fruit cake and this, the sweetest slice...

Me, so smart, so cool,
Guys outside, so LS, so fool,
Brushed my teeth, washed my face,
I do everything fast...have a great pace...

What to do now, did a shout,
should stay inside, or bounce out,
Put on my jacket,
and money in my pocket,
Sexy watch on wrist and goggles of nike,
Be aware girls, here comes...Mr. Spikey...

My bike, A stunning hottie,
No babe can be alike, O' I wanna be naughty,
The key went in, and it banged with a roar,
The speedometer on it, began to soar...

And me, little less than the speed of light,
A Vagabond, in his fearless flight,
saw a sexy chick, made it slow,
Asking for a lift!...Wow!!...

Sexy hotpants and a sleeveless top,
I was in full atti, but my heart had a pop,
Me, the handsome hunk, kept dumb,
And showed her the backseat, with my thumb...

She kept her hands, on my shoulders,
"Where should we go now?", I asked her,
She hit me with her answer,"Are you free?",
And I asked her for a movie, with a glee...

O' I am fed up of these chicks,
I play for a while, and then kicks,
As she was despo, and a little horny,
So I spun money, for the balcony...

The hall was dark, no one to check,
I kissed her lips, and rubbed her neck,
I was lost in her, and she, lost in me,
Fuck the people around, and fuck the movie...

Suddenly, A Mammoth stream of water. entered,
The whole movie hall, submerged,
and a loud defeaning voice, heard,
"Hey!...wake nerd!"...

Everything blur, I did a gaze,
Before me, my roomie's fucking face,
O' shit!...It was a dream and me, on my bed,
I laughed at my horoscope...Nothing was, to be said...

                                                                    -  Kshitiz Upadhyay

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